What Material Can Block EMF?

EMF Radiation

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The EMF radiation levels are rising at an unprecedented rate. The growth in smart devices that use Bluetooth or WiFi is a major reason for this. EMF shielding fabrics could be a convenient way of blocking this radiation. It can be a blessing for people who are sensitive to EMF. But what material can block EMF most effectively?

Radiation is a serious threat to our health, especially with the constantly rising levels around us. With the advent of the 5G network, it can get even worse. EMF protection fabrics work amazingly well in shielding us from this exposure. These are mostly made of metals that can block specific types of radiation.

Materials commonly used for EMF shielding

  • Nickel

  • Zinc

  • Aluminum

  • Copper

  • Carbon Steel

  • Nickel Silver

Who needs EMF protection fabric?

It’s good to have curtains or EMF shielding fabric canopy if you live in a region with cell towers or power lines in close proximity. Apartments tend to have high level EMF radiation due to all your neighbors having WiFi.

Add to that all the radiation emitted by the smart devices at your home, like Smart meters, Smart TVs, Smartphones, etc you may be exposed to unhealthy levels of EMF. This may cause symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, headache, or stuff that may disrupt your routine life to an extent.

EMF protection fabric makes it possible to shield your space from the EMF radiation so you can sleep peacefully. As you sleep well in the absence of radiation exposure, your body repairs itself from all the harmful effects of radiation. Anyone who is exposed to unhealthy amount of radiation can use these fabrics.

Best EMF protection fabric to use at home

When using an EMF shielding fabric to reduce radiation exposure at home, you need to be very considerate while choosing the material. Efficiency in blocking radiation is critical while making this decision, but you need to think about where and for what purpose you will use the fabric.

EMF shields are typically made of sheets of metals formed into wire mesh, metal foams, gaskets, and screens.

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Which metal is used for EMF shielding

Parameters to consider when selecting the metal for creating such fabrics are; conductivity, thickness, permeability, and aperture. Aluminum and galvanized steels are best suited for making protection shields due to their high conductivity.

Does one fabric shield against all radiation types?

Each anti-radiation fabric may shield against a particular type of radiation only. But there are some fabrics that can protect against multiple types of radiation like RF, magnetic field, EMI, and RFID. Make sure to read about what kind of radiation is a fabric most effective against.


Certain metals have been found very effective in shielding against radiation. These can be used to block EMF radiation at our homes. People also use fabrics in the form of curtains or canopy when they have difficulty sleeping due to high EMF exposure.

If you have an EMF meter showing radiation values beyond the recommended limits, EMF protection fabrics can prove to be an effective means to reduce the radiation levels.