What Blocks 5G Signal?

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Most of us are excited about the 5G network. While it’s true that 5G has made the internet faster, its repercussions are yet to be realized by people. This new network uses higher frequency bands of radio waves. If you spend too much time on cell phones, you need protection from these waves. But is there a way to shield from this radiation? What blocks 5G signal?

Most mediums are only talking about the benefits of 5G. It will definitely revolutionize technology and pave the way for futuristic inventions. But this is no excuse to put our health at risk. 5G networks primarily use Millimeter-wave bands. These offer higher bandwidths but also contribute to higher EMF radiation around us.

EMF shields that can block 5G signals

As the frequency of radio waves increase, the ability to penetrate human skin also increases. Is there a way to block 5G radiation? What blocks 5G signal?

Well, certain shields do block high-frequency EMF. These shields are designed following the principle of Faraday Cage. These have smaller holes to effectively block 5G signals. Generally, people use Faraday bed canopy to avoid EMF exposure every night during sleep.

If your neighbor’s WiFi signals are a problem for you, you can use copper or aluminum made EMF protection curtains that block EHF (Extremely High Frequency) radio waves. EMF protection fabrics designed to work against radio waves would definitely block 5G signals.

Is 5G a greater threat than 4G?

5G uses MMW or millimeter waves that propagate at higher frequencies than the EM waves used by 4G. However, this has a drawback. These waves have a shorter wavelength and thus a very limited range. To overcome this, 5G requires what is referred to as “small-cell antennas” that need to be deployed more densely.

More cell-towers would mean RF radiation everywhere, thus exposing us to higher levels of EMF radiation. Another reason why 5G is a greater threat is these waves are more energetic and can cause more heating at the cellular levels. Even before the 5G rollout, we were exposed to EMF risks due to wireless technologies.

It was before the 5G rollout that some studies claimed non-ionizing radiation due to microwaves, radio waves, and UV could be responsible for some cancers. With the arrival of 5G, it’s hard to gauge the extent of risk to our health. But it’s in our best interest to stay protected from RF radiation.

Find in-depth information about EMF Radiation Risks here: https://emf-guard.com/

Can 5G cause tumors?

The studies have been inconclusive, but according to research on rats, it was found that prolonged exposure to radio frequencies can cause tumors. Excessive use of cell phones or other wireless technologies for two or more years can have severe effects on health.

RF radiation, though, non-ionizing is still harmful if the exposure is for a long time. Radio waves in the high-frequency bands can penetrate the skin and cause heating at the cellular level. There are some possible links between RF exposure and infertility issues in men. 5G is worse because it uses millimeter waves or the Extremely High Frequency waves.


5G rollout has already begun in most nations. The risks of EMF radiation cannot be denied. Taking proper measures would eliminate health risks due to RF radiation. EMF shields that can block 5G signals are readily available and can be used to secure resting area or the workspace in our homes. Limiting our exposure to this radiation can definitely help protect our health.

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